FC Barcelona onboards TK Elevator to create the best mobility experience

FC Barcelona and TK Elevator have signed a sponsorship agreement under which the international expert in advanced and sustainable mobility solutions becomes Provider of Espai Barça for the next five seasons, until 30 June 2029.


As part of this new partnership, which is based around adding a new strategic partner to an innovative and momentous project, FC Barcelona and TK Elevator will work together to incorporate 69 state-of-the-art elevators and 78 escalators into the new Stadium, making for a pioneering mobility experience for the fans who visit the facility.


The partnership between the Club and TK Elevator, included in the sponsorship programme for the future Spotify Camp Nou, has come about thanks to a number of shared objectives, with the future stadium project as the main focus of the collaboration. Within the framework of this alliance, FC Barcelona not only reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation, but also transforms its facilities into a business and collaboration platform for TK Elevator. This also addresses one of the shared objectives and highlights the importance of innovation and sustainability in everything related to sport.


In the same vein, this partnership represents a new opportunity for the sponsorship programme created specifically for one of the most important projects in the Club’s history. It will open up new opportunities, both for companies that sell directly to consumers (B2C) and, as is the case for TK Elevator, for companies focused on the business sector (B2B), taking advantage of the global visibility and prestige of FC Barcelona and the importance of what will be one of the world’s leading stadia.

Espai Barça, more than a stadium
Espai Barça is a revolutionary project in the world of sport and entertainment that seeks to update and expand the FC Barcelona facilities, including the emblematic Spotify Camp Nou, and turn it into the best sports complex in the centre of a major city. As part of this collaboration, the inclusion of TK Elevator mobility solutions in the design of the Espai Barça will not only improve the accessibility and fluidity of people’s movement within the complex but will also set new standards in the integration of sustainable and efficient technologies into the world of sport.

This strategic collaboration between FC Barcelona and TK Elevator promises to be a milestone in the history of sports and entertainment infrastructure, setting a new standard in terms of innovation, sustainability, and fan experience.


Statement from Juli Guiu, vice-president of FC Barcelona’s Marketing Area: ‘The partnership with TK Elevator is a step forward in achieving our vision for the Espai Barça project and completing the remodelling works on the future Spotify Camp Nou. TK Elevator’s extensive experience in advanced and sustainable mobility solutions is aligned with our philosophy and mission to offer the best experience for all members and fans who visit our facilities’.

Statement from Pedro Martín, CEO of TK Elevator: “We are excited to join forces with FC Barcelona, a club with a rich history and a bright future. This collaboration underlines our commitment to engineering excellence and our ability to contribute to large-scale and highly significant projects. The Espai Barça is the type of project that inspires us to push the limits of innovation in vertical mobility’.

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