Italian fashion brand Herno to dress FC Barcelona players

FC Barcelona and Herno have signed a partnership deal whereby the Italian fashion company becomes the football club’s official Formal Wear partner for the next three season through to 2024/25.


The man’s and women’s football teams and the basketball team too will be wearing the firms’ designs on their away trips in European competitions, in addition to the finals of the different competitions in which the teams may take part in.


The Barça squads and staff in these three teams will start wearing Herno outfits as of next January. This is the first time ever that all these three professional sports teams have shared the same formal wear partner.

The partnership with Herno has come about due to a series of shared ideals, being two organisations that both strive for excellence in their respective fields through effort, teamwork and ambition. These are also two brands that have always stayed loyal to their roots over the years. Barça has never forgotten its origins in Catalonia and its traditions. Herno pursued the same path: it takes its name from one of the rivers that cross the town of Lesa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore where the company was founded and has always maintained a very close relationship with its region and its highly artisanal production.


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