Rugby World Cup 2019 economically most successful with £4.3 bn economic output, says report

Japan 2019 was the most economically successful Rugby World Cup ever, with nearly £4.3 billion generated in economic output according to a report published by EY .

The report further stated that 242,000 international visitors stayed an average of 17 days each in Japan, providing tourism and economic benefits to the host nation, 46,000 jobs created or sustained for the tournament and there was strong regional impact at the heart of nationwide benefits.

Significant rugby and community sport’s infrastructure legacy, including Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Outcomes reinforce Japan’s stature as a major commercial rugby market.

Rugby World Cup 2019 has been heralded as the best to date, delivering a unique experience for visiting fans, showcasing Japan’s renowned culture and spirit of Omotenashi and significantly boosting national pride. Delivering unforgettable moments on and off the field, the tournament has been reinforced as one of the world’s most prestigious and exciting sports events.

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