VFL Wolfsburg signs Usana as multivitamin partner

The Bundesliga’s VfL Wolfsburg has named US manufacturer Usana, the Cellular Nutrition Company as its new official multivitamin partner and supplier.

This partnership includes visibility in the Wolves Volkswagen Arena, along with creative activations, hospitality packages, and joint initiatives in the United States.

Usana will also become the Official Partner of the VfL Wolfsburg Academy to help the young players of the club develop joint and individual projects and initiatives. Usana has provided its supplements to professional athletes and Olympic teams around the globe, including the Women’s Tennis Association, Spartan, the English Premier Leagues AFC Bournemouth, and more.

VfL Managing Director Michael Meeske said: “When it comes to health, numerous athletes trust Usana more than any other company. So, we’re excited to develop this partnership further in the coming years, and look forward to support Usana with our global network.”

“With all of the positive feedback from other professional athletes who trust Usana and its certified products, it was an easy decision for VfL Wolfsburg to trust and join the Usana team.”

Dan Macuga, Usana’s chief of communications and marketing said: “We look forward to supporting the club and collaborating on future endeavors to continue to supply athletes around the world with the best products available.”

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