Ronaldo named as brand ambassador by Shopee

Shopee has name Cristiano Ronaldo as its regional brand ambassador.

As part of the agreement, Ronaldo will work with Shopee on a wide range of initiatives in order to engage and inspire people in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Ronald will star in Shopee’s 9.9 TV commercial which is going to be premiered on 16 August and air in all Shopee markets.

In a statement, the chief commercial officer of Shopee and head of Shopee Singapore, Zhou Junjie, said “Ronaldo’s values are a natural fit for Shopee. ​He is known for his tremendous focus, dedication, and determination, a reflection of Shopee’s deep commitment to our users.”

Zhou further said, “His dedication to his sport matches the deep commitment that Shopee has to all our users. We want to inspire and engage people together with Ronaldo. ​We are confident that this partnership can create a lasting positive impact for everyone in the region.”

Ronaldo in a statement said, “I am always improving my game for my fans and my team, just as Shopee innovates to benefit their users in this region. I am excited by this partnership, and I look forward to creating more special moments for my fans together with Shopee.”

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