2 days to go: Juan Mata to speak at the Football Innovation Forum 2023 in Istanbul

It is just 2 days to go for the World Football Summit’s Football Innovation Forum which is to take place in Istanbul on the eve of the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final to organize the third edition of Football Innovation Forum, after successfully hosting the two previous editions in Madrid and Sevilla.


Juan Mata and Jurgen Griesback of Common Goal, Ebru Koksal, Board Member – Australian Professional Leagues, Tan Kesler, Vice-chairman – Hull City AFC, Julie Kassap, Founder -NOSC among others have been confirmed as speakers.


The first session starts at 9:05 am GMT +3


  • A Champion’s Deal: Lessons to be learned from an impressive partnership. Unlocking the secrets of successful partnerships in football. The session is powered by Turkish Airlines

9:45 am 

  • Beyond Innovation: Maximising the potential of your stadium. Delving into how to leverage technology and innovative strategies to transform stadiums into dynamic, multifunctional spaces. The session is powered by LaLiga

11:00 am 

  • A Sustainable Future: Time for action is here and now. Exploring the critical need for sustainability within the sports industry and strategies for action around its three pillars: Economical, Social, and Environmental.

11:40 am

  • Investing in talent and technology: A definitive how-to in securing the future. Unpacking the complexities of investing wisely in talent and technology for a successful future in football. The session is powered by twozero

12:20 pm

  • Transforming Digitally: The necessary steps to stay ahead in 2023. Navigating the digital transformation trends that will keep organizations ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

1:00 pm

  • Athletes today, Entrepreneur tomorrow: Radical collaborations innovate meaningful impact in football. Charting the exciting journey from the pitch to the boardroom, we’ll discuss the transition of athletes into successful entrepreneurs. The session is powered by Common Goal

You can register for the event here.

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