Johan Cryuff Institute joins Global Soccer Conclave as knowledge partner

Global Soccer Conclave would be joined by Johan Cruyff Institute for the second consecutive year as a knowledge partner, to contribute for the development of football management in India and South East Asia.


Johan Cruyff Institute has entered a strategic partnership with Global Soccer Conclave and would be joining as a knowledge partner for the thematic sessions focused on the Indian and South Asian football industry that will bring together national and international organizations, federations and industry experts to discuss the roadmap that will define the football of the future.


The event will take place from 2nd to 4th September in Mumbai, in a hybrid format, and live-streamed around the world, and will feature interviews and presentations on topics such as: fan engagement; the Internet of Things (IoT); merchandising, ticketing and franchising; infrastructure and equipment in football; content and communication; scouting and talent development; the use of technology for performance improvement; talent management; and women’s football.


Johan Cruyff Institute will host a one-hour panel of experts entitled ‘Football and its impact on geopolitical aspects‘, which will be streamed on September 2 from 3:20 to 4:20 p.m. Indian time (11:50 a.m. -12:50 p.m. CEST).


Global Soccer Conclave is a unique educational platform to ensure the holistic engagement of football clubs, federations, educational institutions, brands and sports-tech companies that are committed to improving the football industry. The conclave aims to bridge the gap between developed and developing football ecosystems through the transfer of knowledge and resources to help create a roadmap for the future.


Dr. Amol Patil, Executive Director, Global Soccer Conclave said “The potential of India and South East Asia in football and sports is emence. However, at present there is requirement of adopting an innovative problem solving approach for further development. Together with JCI, we will thrive to provide the solution rather than discussing problem, through colaborative, analytical and practical approach.”


The collaboration between Johan Cruyff Institute and Global Soccer Conclave will extend beyond the days of the event, with the creation of exclusive content for the region’s market.


Students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute will have the opportunity to access Global Soccer Conclave content with special discounts. All information can be found on the virtual campus and the Cruyff Alumni platform. The institution will also have a virtual stand during the congress with all the information on its academic programs offered internationally.

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