Iceland unveils national football team’s crest with a dramatic film

The Football Association of Iceland has launched its new logo with a dramatic film.

In the last quarter, the national team icons have been composed of the initials of KSÍ, football and the Icelandic flag. The logo has represented both the Union’s image and the national team of Iceland. As the Union’s operations have evolved, Iceland’s image has grown and the achievements of the national teams have increased, the logo has become more difficult to support in this dual role. There has been a need for signals that better capture the basic values ​​and source of the team spirit; a passionate unifying symbol that draws on our strengths, history and spirit of struggle.

The coat of arms of Iceland, approved by Presidential Decree on Republic Day in 1944, is one of Iceland’s best-known symbols.

The law therefore states as follows: The coat of arms of Iceland shall be crowned with a shield and on it the flag of Iceland. The turtles are the well-known four land-dwellers, as follows: Dragon, old, grunt and mountain pig.

Landlords are supernatural creatures that lived in the country at the arrival of settlers and protected the island from afar. The Book of Settlement explains how people were warned to sail to the country with “gaping heads and giggling tears” so as not to upset the landlords.

The landlords have been the protectors of Iceland since 1918 and are the perfect icons for the national team of Iceland. They are symbols of solidarity and defend our stronghold that other teams fear, the home ground. The spirit of struggle, will and perseverance are all-encompassing.
Alkunn is Snorri Sturluson’s account of Harald Dan King Gormsson as he intended to go on a campaign to Iceland.

As per a statement, the new logo is a symbol of unparalleled solidarity, inspired by heritage and shaping history, which intertwines Iceland’s landmarks in a modern way. The sign is complex but clear and is based on previous coat of arms – but stands alone as a distinctive symbol of Iceland’s national team.

Modern brands need flexibility and can adapt in a variety of ways. What makes the signal even stronger is that the wands can stand apart to form a total frame in certain cases.

It is the prevailing tradition that football tags stand on the shield from the time the knights wore their badges.The badges of the national team, however, do not appeal to knights but to our history, nature and heritage.

In the coming months, KSÍ will introduce a new face that will gradually move across all contact surfaces and a new national team outfit from PUMA with the Landmark, which will be formally announced at the end of August 2020.

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