NRL and RLPA agree terms in principal to provide $118 million boost for NRLW CBA

The National Rugby League and Rugby League Players Association  have reached in principle agreement on key terms for the NRLW CBA.


Both parties have worked with players, clubs and all other relevant stakeholders to ensure this in principle agreement provides women’s rugby league with an exciting future and fair and reasonable terms.

The key terms include policies relating to pregnancy and parental arrangements incorporating support for pregnant players and leave provisions, alongside support for primary carers and parents of infants up to 24 months.


NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said the NRL has worked extremely hard on a range of player benefits and other progressive aspects of the agreement including an allowance for private health insurance along with 12 months contracts and the opportunity for players to sign multi-year contracts from 2023.


“The Australian Rugby League Commission is adamant that investment in the women’s game be prioritised at every level and the finalisation of terms for the elite NRLW is just one aspect of that commitment,” Mr Abdo said.


“The proposed investment of $118 million across the five-year cycle at the elite level factors in future growth of the competition and is also supported by significant investment in pathways and grassroots participation as part of an overall strategy for women’s rugby league development.

RLPA CEO Clint Newton said this in principle agreement on key financial terms recognises the dedication that players have made to the NRLW competition.


“We recognise the incredible contribution players make in playing the fastest and toughest sport in the world. Agreeing to these financial terms will now give NRLW players financial certainty and security ahead of signing contracts for the 2023 NRLW season and beyond.


“Although this is not a final agreement and several significant terms are yet to be agreed, this is a big step toward securing their first ever CBA.


“This is great progress for current and future players in agreeing to key financial terms and will lay the strong foundations which will allow our game to attract and retain the best talent in Australia and abroad.

“There is still much more work to do as we continue to negotiate a joint-CBA for NRLW and NRL players which captures all their terms and conditions.


“The RLPA Board and our team look forward to continuing our work with Andrew and clubs as we continue to negotiate a historic first-ever joint-CBA.”


Clubs will have a top 24 squad list with funding for investment in four development players for the NRL Telstra Women’s Premiership.


The NRLW salary cap rises from $350,000 in 2022 to $900,000 in 2023 with annual salary caps over the five-year cycle set as follows:

2023 – $900,000
2024 – $1,020,000
2025 – $1,254,000
2026 – $1,386,000
2027 – $1,518,000

The minimum NRLW salaries over the 5-year cycle are set as follows:

2023 – $30,000
2024 – $34,000
2025 – $41,800
2026 – $46,200
2027 – $50,600


All players will also have access to Wellbeing and Education support and access to injury hardship and other player support funds.


The NRLW season will have a total period of 20 weeks in 2023 (nine-round regular season, semi-finals, Grand Final, seven weeks of pre-season and two weeks of leave), growing to 23 weeks by 2025.


Further expansion of the NRL Telstra Women’s Premiership has been planned for in the strategy and investment.

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