Juventus partners Pixstory to combat abuse and hate speech in online conversations

Juventus have linked up with Pixstory, a new integrity-based social media platform, to reduce abuse and hate speech in online conversations.


Joining the platform under the @Juventus handle, the club will unite with Pixstory in various campaigns to fight abuse and hate speech online.


Pixstory’s USP is zero tolerance for toxicity. Its architecture is designed to actively reduce polarisation, disincentivise hate and misinformation. The app aims to be an ethical social media platform by prioritising people over profit. It doesn’t collect or sell user data, but retains the user experience with strong checks and balances through design and tech innovations.


The platform is based on the values of openness, accountability, and respect. It aims to be a civic organization that gives users a sense of community by encouraging civil dialogue and consensus-building.


“We are excited to join forces with Juventus,” said LA Lakers star Pixstory’s early backers Dwight Howard. “Juventus players are role models for fans around the world and they can make a huge contribution in making the internet a better place.”


Appu Esthose Suresh, the founder of Pixstory, said: “We have been inspired by the black and white colours of Juventus: though most things are better understood under a spectrum of colours, but to be able to express them freely should be as simple as black and white.”


Suresh added: “We want Pixstory to bring about a behavioural change in social media. We want a social media landscape where there are no likes or dislikes, where integrity is more valued than virality. Your Pixstory user experience is not compromised, but your safety is prioritised. Sure, there won’t be instant validation – because, in real life, our reputations are built over time and worked upon constantly. Pixstory is the real you.”

“It is a source of great satisfaction for us to link ourselves with the Pixstory platform as of today,” commented Giorgio Ricci, Juventus’ Chief Revenue Officer. “Disincentivizing disinformation, fighting hatred on the internet are fundamental principles for a Club like Juventus, which has always worked to maintain and develop great credibility in the world of networking and social media. We are turning more and more towards the younger generations, those “digital natives”: for this reason, we are particularly proud to join a platform that spreads the principles of openness, responsibility and respect.”

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