Manchester United presenter Sam Homewood on his broadcast journey and being resilient

Sam Homewood presents HOW on ITV, as well as MUTV and the UTD podcast, available to download now from Apple, Spotify and all good streaming services. The Playknox spoke with him about his journey so far. Excerpts: 


Tell us about your journey in the journalism realm so far

It started at ITN, I was scripting, editing and presenting digital bulletins. I really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot about the industry too. I covered breaking news, gaming, showbiz. I also worked as a UK correspondent for an Australian breakfast TV show, which was my first experience of the thrill live TV.


What is your work routine like work at Man Utd? What are the challenges associated?

The great thing about it is that no two days are the same, even two match days can be completely different depending on the result.

While I do a lot of research ahead of games and more so for interviewing guests on the Utd Podcast it never feels like work as I enjoy it so much and find it all really interesting. I don’t find any of it challenging, I love it all.


How do you maximize your social media presence?

I’m not sure I do to be perfectly honest – I just post what I find interesting.


What advice do you have for individuals pursuing a career as presenters?

Get as much practice as you can, everyone has access to a camera on their phone so set it up and film yourself over and over until you don’t notice it anymore. The other thing is you have to be yourself, and be resilient. Then follow your passions and who knows what could happen?

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