Art Diaries of Yantrapurush aka Dibyush Jena

Dibyush Jena, also known by the stage name Yantrapurush is an interdisciplinary artist based in Bhubaneswar who works with different mediums to create narratives that are relatable to our existence and day to day life. Dibyush is engaged in muralism, street art, installation, illustrations, and sculptures. He also works as a full-time graphic designer and practices progressive, playful and human-centered designs with a focus on identity and brand design. His style is mostly bold, simple, everyday imagery, have vibrant block colors and gives a modern “hip” feel.

His professional career as an artist began in 2012  during his Engineering college days with scribbling walls and later joined the ‘The BAM Effect’ (graffiti group) which actively worked in Odisha for three years.

In 2014, he did an internship with ‘World Comics India’ after which he also got associated with India Surf Festival in 2016 and Detour Odisha in 2018. Until now, Dibyush has painted murals for private residences, commercial spaces, educational institutions, Art & Music festivals, NGOs, start-ups and various other events. He also loves hosting fun and out of the box art and craft workshops for women and children


What inspires your Artworks?

I’m inspired by Human existence and nature with all its reality and joy. Whatever connects with me, inspires me. It can be a line from a popular verse, a relationship, a story, movie, social cause, problem, lifestyle, clients :P… They all are feelings and thoughts that demand to be expressed and processed in an artwork. Since the past 2 years, Odisha and its culture & heritage has been inspiring me a lot.

Odisha’s exquisite handicraft and traditional art forms are magic. For the last two years, I’ve been researching and trying to study the rich cultural legacy of Odisha, through temples, sculptures, crafts, paintings, dance forms, and stories. I look around everywhere in this state to find my inspiration. Starting from Pattachitra prints in my designs to creating mural of the famous Bagha Nacha, this state never ceases to amaze me. Also my Pseudonym, “Yantrapurush” has been inspired by a Pattachitra painting which talks about extraterrestrial visitors.



What made you decide to Follow Your Path As An Artist?

I never decided to be an artist; it was something I just did! For me, art is a way of engaging with the world. It’s more like an ‘inner drive’ which once discovered couldn’t get stopped. I was good at drawing in school and created murals during my engineering days and it also helped me make some extra money. After graduating, I knew I had to make a choice. It was while interning with World Comics India, that I learned how art can be a powerful tool to bring change. It introduced me to a vast range of perceptions, ideas, and knowledge. Since then, my inner explorer has been constantly chasing new limits and yearns to keep looking for something that gives you butterflies.



Setbacks You’ve Faced As An Artist?

Most of the challenges I faced as an artist were during my initial days. Convincing my parents about my career choice, maintaining motivation, getting my artwork out there for people to know, balancing work with social life, there has been a lot! My journey is a long road, full of detours, roadside attractions, and pit-stops. But I’ve never and will never give up! I love exploring different mediums and style. To explore and evolve constantly is probably the only reason for which I love doing what I am doing. The art I make – however simple or amateur it is – at the end of the day, it’s a part of me and that’s the best feeling in the world!



What are you currently working on?

I am currently exploring the wide possibility of Pattachitra as a design language. Pattachitra artform is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it and is one of the ancient artform of Odisha. I’m going out of the boundaries and rules followed for Pattachitra and trying to incorporate various digital and modern elements to it. I’m also planning for an art exhibition by the end of August To show that something that is tradition is not just a part of the past but also current and the future. I am also going to be part of Odisha Tourism x Air Asia Bloggers trail which should be fun.



Most Appreciated Art Work?

My most appreciated artworks are ‘The Office’ art installation at Puri, The Pheonix Illustration and the ‘The Kala Bahutia’ mural at Gopalpur. In the future I want my artworks to be remembered as influencers; one that changes the world and inspires others.


Dibyush in Gopalpur

What Are Your Goals And Dream Project?

I’ve got plenty of dreams and aspirations. The primary one is to work for children, illustrate and create storybooks for them, use traditional art forms. I recently illustrated a storybook for children which talks about cleanliness and sanitation. To spread my word, I have even been conducting workshops for kids. Art exploration can not only be entertaining but also educational.


P.S. You can follow Dibyush on Twitter @yantrapurush



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