Cadbury continues backing women in sport with Matildas partnership

The Westfield Matildas have announced a two-year partnership with Cadbury to become an Official Partner as part of the upcoming National Women in Sport Initiative.

As part of the deal, prominent Australian athletes from four sports are set to share their stories and advocate for the continued growth and development of women’s sport.

FFA CEO, James Johnson, said: “The Westfield Matildas are a contemporary and very well recognised brand. We are delighted to have entered into a positive, two-year partnership and be associated with Cadbury. Cadbury’s National Women in Sport Initiative, which aims to encourage girls and women to ‘Get In The Game’ by maintaining or commencing their involvement with sport by promoting positive role models, aligns well with the broader ethos of the Westfield Matildas and our objectives at FFA to lead the growth of football with women and girls.

“We believe that women’s football represents the biggest opportunity of growth for Australian football and in the XI Principles for the future of Australian football discussion paper we outline FFA’s ambition for Australia to become the centre of women’s football in Asia-Pacific.

“The work that we will be doing with Cadbury over the next two years supports our objectives to accelerate and retain the participation of women and girls and build on the success of the Westfield Matildas.

“The Westfield Matildas have a huge few years ahead of them, with numerous major international tournaments in the pipeline.

“It is great that Cadbury will be a part of the team’s journey, which is set to captivate the country,” he said.

Cadbury owner, Mondelez Australia’s senior marketing manager, Kathy De Lullo, said Cadbury is excited to enhance women’s sport further in Australia.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Women in Sport initiative this year,” De Lullo said.

“As a brand, we want to show our commitment to the Australian community, and we feel incredibly passionate about encouraging and supporting the continued growth and equality of women’s sport in our country,” she said.

Westfield Matilda, Alanna Kennedy, has been named a Cadbury Ambassador as part of the two-year deal, and said the partnership will help to add another opportunity for the Matildas to inspire future generations.

“We’re delighted to have Cadbury on board to support the Westfield Matildas and the growth of our sport,” Kennedy said.

“With the help of Cadbury, women’s football can continue to grow on the world stage and young girls can fulfil their dream of becoming a Westfield Matilda, or simply just have fun on the field with friends,” she said.

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