Washington Wizards partners 1Sec in Japan to add digital human influencer

NBA team Washington Wizards have struck a deal with 1Sec Inc. in Japan to put their digital human influencer Liam Nikuro inside the NBA bubble to have virtual adventures in Orlando associated with the team.

The Wizards will also expand content on their Japanese social platforms with game content and interactive contests. The team will welcome computer-generated virtual influencer Liam Nikuro to Orlando as a virtual guest of the team.

Liam was created using 3D CG technology which projects 3-D virtual objects and helps create a sense of depth. Fans can follow Liam’s virtual adventures in the bubble by visiting the Wizards’ Japanese social media platforms.

“Our goal as the Wizards brand is to always innovate and be leaders in the digital space,” said Jim Van Stone, Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s president of business operations and chief commercial officer. “We thought this was a fun idea to be the first NBA team to introduce this new technology while at the same time engaging our fans throughout the globe, including DC and Japan.”


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