OGC Nice to sanitize with INEOS amidst Covid-19

INEOS has become the Official Hygiene Partner to OGC Nice to help Le Gym to protect its team during training and competition so that they can perform at the highest level as they begin the new season.

INEOS has long been producing the purest and most effective sanitising agent: pharmaceutical grade alcohol. As the world faced the Covid-19 crisis and a global shortage of hand sanitiser, INEOS, owner of OGC Nice, put its expertise to use, building six new hand sanitiser factories in Europe and the United States to produce highly effective sanitising products. Millions of bottles were given to thousands of hospitals free of charge to help workers on the front line and those that needed it most.

Through OGC Nice’s Endowment Fund, the products have been given, free of charge, to Nice hospitals as well as to community associations that fight on a daily basis to help those most in need.

INEOS is now able to provide le Gym and the public the same hospital grade products, helping everyone to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Containing 75% alcohol as advised by The World Health Organisation, these products are effective at eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. They also ensure that after use, they evaporate quickly, and leave hands feeling clean and dry.

As Official Hygiene Partner to OGC Nice, INEOS Hygienics will meet the sanitising needs of the club through a range of products including hand gels and sanitiser dispensers, extending to sanitiser sprays for hands and surfaces as well as sanitising wipes in the future.

George Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer of INEOS Hygienics, says: “I am pleased that INEOS Hygienics has become the Official Hygiene Partner to OGC Nice. Our range of hospital grade sanitisers will help to protect the OGC Nice team and staff, in Ligue 1 and the Europa League. Killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, our products give the team confidence to focus on getting the job done on the pitch. We are now able to offer that same level of protection to the fans and public. INEOS sanitiser products will be available to help us all to target viruses and bacteria with confidence at home, at work and beyond.”

Jean-Pierre Rivere, Chairman of OGC Nice says: “We are proud to have such a proactive shareholder as INEOS at our side, who mobilised resources to serve the greatest number of people at the height of the global pandemic. It is a guarantee of quality to be able to count on INEOS Hygienics to support us in setting up our protocol for our team’s return to the stadium. And it is excellent news that the general public can now benefit from INEOS’ expertise in this area.”

Jean-Philippe Gilardi, head of the club’s medical department says: “We are doing everything possible to guarantee the best protection against the virus for our players and staff. INEOS Hygienics allows us to work with complete confidence and under the best conditions.”

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