Dignitas unveils _FE initiative to support female esports players

The Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball team owned esports team Dignitas is launching an initiative for championing opportunities and education for females in gaming.

Dubbed _FE, the initiative means that Dignitas will support female esports players with educational, social, and competitive resources, whether they are in beginner, amateur, or professional roles. _FE is a reference to the term used for females in esports. It’s announcing the effort on Women’s Equality Day.

Dignitas already has its female team, established in 2003, for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and that team is also playing Riot Games’ Valorant.

Over the next three months, _FE will launch a collection of initiatives designed to advance opportunities for women in gaming and provide aspiring female gamers with resources to become tomorrow’s superstars.

The platform will hold industry town halls addressing issues facing girls and women in gaming, a community website devoted to housing relevant female gaming content, calendars of gaming competitions, media coverage, and resources for women. It will have virtual educational seminars for aspiring pro female gamers and streamers in content creation, social media, media training, brand analysis, and more.

The group will hold female gamer competitions, establish online social communities on Discord, create a female-focused gaming-centric clothing line, hold live events at Dignitas’ headquarters in Los Angeles and greater New York City, and sign new female competitors and creators.

Dignitas’ vice president of talent, Heather “sapphiRe” Garozzo, will head the initiative. The former female World Champion CS:GO player boasts nearly 20 years of experience in competitive esports gaming, broadcasting, marketing, and talent management. She is the only female in the Esports Insider Hall of Fame.

The group will continue collaborating with parent company HBSE and partners Verizon, HyperX, Champion, SIG, ExpressVPN, VIE, and Respawn.


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