Levi’s lauds the LGBTQIA+ community for shattering stereotypes in India

Denim brand Levi’s has launched its #ProudToBeMore campaign to honour LGBTQIA+ community for breaking the stereotypes and pursuing their dreams.

The campaign features the story of Onir, Sushant Digvikar, Priyanka Paul and Aravani Art Project who are changing perception of people towards the community via films, visual art, acting etc.

The decriminalization of section 377 served as a powerful backdrop for society to tackle another battle – one that challenges the notion that an individual is defined by sexuality.

Karen Riley Grant, VP Marketing, Levi’s Asia and MENA said: “The #ProudToBeMore campaign is driven by the insight that an individual’s journey of discovering their gender, sexual orientation and preferences is a unique one. This campaign aims to celebrate those authentic individuals and their journeys. We hope to empower people to be proud, accept themselves for who they are and become an individual above their sexual orientation.”

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