Playknox becomes partner organisation of the Indian Sports Management Association

 The Playknox is honoured to become the partner organisation of The Indian Sports Management Association (INSMA) which was formally launched via a virtual ceremony.


The objective of the organisation is the promotion of sport management scholarship (academically) in India and help bring the work of the next generation of sport management leaders (both from academia and industry) to the forefront on the global stage. One of the major strategic priorities of the next cycle is development of a world-leading academic journal to promote sport management scholarship in India.


It is evident from our research that there are academics pursuing world-leading research in sport management scholarship in an Indian context, but they are not able to publish either due to higher APC charges or lack of credibility among existing journals in India.

The association will be accredited by the international bodies AASM & WASM.


The current advisory board consists of:

Prof. Rob Wilson (Education)

Dr. Mike Rayner (Global Partnerships)

Dr. Christina Phillipou (EDI)

Vanessa Asell-Tsuruga (EDI)

Dr. Jo Clarke (Research)

Prof. Girish Ramchandani (Research)


INSMA Governing Body consists of:


Mr. Sarthak Mondal – President

Arko Biswas  – Treasurer

Mr. Arup Soans – General Secretary

Dr. Shiny Raizada – Vice-President (Education)

Ms. Taruka Srivastava – Vice-President (Marketing)

Mr. Samrat Ghosh – Student Coordinator


Dr. Jo Clarke, PhD Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at Leeds Beckett University, UK said: “It was great to engage in some honest discussions about the sport policy context and future areas of growth with a range of academics, practitioners and students interested in sport management in India. #INSMA has the potential to be a pivotal network to advance the sport management scholarship in India. Exciting times ahead!”

Vanessa ÅSELL TSURUGA, Founder of Collective Visibility said: “The work of INSMA – Indian Sport Management Association is perfectly in line with the path I have created for myself in the last couple of years. I want to diversify speakership and thought leadership in the current sports landscape. I am intent to include the Global South in my efforts.”


Sarthak Mondal said: “A career in sport management in India is filled with all forms of struggle for students. While it looks glamorous from the outside, the truth is it is a closed industry where people are recruited on the basis of trust. Sport management graduates in India face a lot of challenges, whether it is related to higher education, research or careers in the industry. There is a lot of potential among the Indian students but that is lost as they are not nurtured properly. As a result, we decided that it is the right time to create the INSMA.”

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