AC Milan expands global footprint with Casa Milan Dubai

AC Milan is proud to announce the opening of Casa Milan Dubai, the new Home of the Rossoneri in the Middle East, which marks a significant milestone in the Club’s strategic global expansion and stands as a testament to the Rossoneri’s new evolution phase under the leadership of RedBird Capital.


Casa Milan Dubai solidifies AC Milan’s commitment to the UAE and the whole Middle Eastern region, setting the stage for a profound connection with key stakeholders, from institutions to existing partners, including Emirates (Principal Partner – and a partner since 2007) and SIRO (Official Hotel Partner). The new office in Dubai makes the Rossoneri the first Italian football club to open an office in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) and it will also help the Club enhance its engagement with the local fanbase – over 35 million people in the whole MEA region (Middle East and Africa), the most supported Italian football club in the area – and the thriving football community, whilst building a bridge to cultivate new relationships in this strategic market.


Situated on the 31st floor of the modern ICD Brookfield Place, in the heart of the bustling DIFC, the Dubai International Financial Center, Casa Milan Dubai is strategically positioned to serve as a central hub for the Club’s operations and initiatives in the Middle East, with the goal to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly aware of its relevance at a global level. This strategic location places AC Milan at the center of Dubai’s vibrant community, encompassing corporate offices, arts, fine dining, retail, and wellness.


By extending its reach into the Middle East, AC Milan aims to tap into the region’s rapidly growing popularity for football and create a lasting impact on the sport’s development in the area.


As a testament to that, AC Milan aims to keep investing on the next generation of football fans and players in the Middle East with plans to expand its Academy program in the region. For the past 15 years, the Club has proudly operated its longest-running AC Milan Academy in Kuwait, offering a platform that has engaged and empowered over 5,000 young boys and girls in the region. This achievement underscores AC Milan’s unwavering commitment to fostering football talent and nurturing young athletes while strengthening the bonds between the Club and its passionate Middle Eastern fanbase.


Giorgio Furlani, CEO of AC Milan, commented on this momentous occasion: “Casa Milan Dubai represents our commitment to global growth and our strong belief in the potential of the Middle Eastern market. This new office is not merely a physical space but a testament to AC Milan’s ambition to foster a stronger, more global football community, connecting hearts and minds worldwide. At the same time, Casa Milan Dubai will serve as our Home away from home, a place where our values and passion for football will continue to thrive.”


“With our new office in Dubai, we are proud to further our presence in a key region for the Club and to continue to build upon our relationship with our partners, including Emirates, which has been at our side for 15 years, making our partnership one of the most recognisable, respected and longest-running in global football.”

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