Harlequins signs MyoMaster as official recovery partner

Harlequins has announced its partnership with the fast-growing specialist sports recovery brand MyoMaster.


Created by and for professional athletes, Harlequins hooker Joe Gray is a co-founder of the company. The partnership also extends to the women’s teams at Harlequins with MyoMaster supporting their mission to become one of the best teams in Europe. This partnership also further cements MyoMaster’s position as the sports recovery brand of choice for athletes in the UK.

Alongside Gray, Harlequins and England legends Chris Robshaw, Danny Care, Joe Marler were amongst some of the first athletes to try the original product and begin using it for recovery and to treat injury.


As the new Official Recovery Partner of Harlequins, Harlequins have incorporated MyoMaster recovery technology into training and rehabilitation for three years. MyoMaster’s products give players the tools to take care of their bodies both at training and at home, improving recovery time between games and training sessions. The MyoMaster percussive, compression, occlusion and EMS products are used for warm-up, injury prevention and maximising performance and will be used pre and post-training, and pitch-side during games.

One of the key factors in Harlequins’ success as the reigning Gallagher Premiership champions has been the Club’s relentless commitment to optimum performance through player load and recovery management, with MyoMaster technology a key tool in the medical team’s efforts in player recovery and rehabilitation.


Mike Lancaster, Head of Medical Services at Harlequins, said: “MyoMaster’s products have become a mainstay in our medical team’s tools for aiding player recovery over the last few years. Whether treating injury or ensuring our players are physically prepared to go back out on the pitch again week-to-week, optimum recovery is key to ensuring that our athletes are ready to perform as elite sportspeople every time they step out onto the field.


“MyoMaster’s products have become a key part of how we help our players recover each week and it’s great to partner with them going forward.”


Joe Gray, Harlequins player, England international and MyoMaster co-founder said: “MyoMaster was born in the Harlequins changing room. The first MyoMaster prototype was developed with input from my fellow teammates, it was tried, tested, and developed by professional rugby players. Having my teammates alongside me, giving live feedback as we develop the best iterations has allowed us to create products which are finely tuned to the genuine needs of athletes.


“The evolution since then has been incredible and to now be the official recovery partner to the Harlequins means that we can take our recovery outside of the club and treat our bodies at home, which will allow us to do what we do, for longer. As a player I have seen the difference to my performance and by bringing the experience and knowledge of professional sport and physiotherapy to our products I know we can make a huge impact, not just for professional sports, but for athletes everywhere.”

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