Fnatic India lead Nimish Raut on why India needs to build a robust esports ecosystem

British organisation Fnatic is bolstering its presence in India and leading the charge is Nimish Raut. Fnatic made its first move into the Indian esports scene in October 2019, when it acquired a local PUBG Mobile team. The aggregate revenue of esports startups and companies in India reached $68 Million in FY2020 and is projected to grow by CAGR 36% in the next 3 years, as per Inc42 Plus analysis of 36 companies including Jetsynthesys, Nazara technologies, Usports, Gamerji among others. The Playknox spoke with Nimish to fin out more about Fnatic’s India operations. Excerpts: 



What is Fnatic up to in India?


India is a key market for us and for now, we are reworking our strategy for 2021 and beyond. We want to focus on being the best esports team in the world and that doesn’t change for India. While we wait for the game to make a come back we continue to push our way through Fnatic gear and apparel partnerships in the country.


How are you combating COVID-19 challenges?


I think its a bigger challenge for or UK team compared to India now, we hope that the bad side is over and now we can focus back on offline interaction with our fans and build the much-required momentum in 2021.



What has been the response of Indian fans and esports lovers towards Fnatic? 


We are one of the biggest teams in SEA, the fans have given us lots of love and we hope that we live up to this love


Tell us about Fnatic’s partnership with local brands. Why should more brands come forward to support Fnatic?


We have done some really cool strategic partnerships and campaigns, the biggest one being our activation with OnePlus with the Dominate series, AMD, Monster Energy, and Loco. Apart from this, we have done some cool collaborations with a fitness trainer and health coach Misha Theron, The Soul Store for clothing, iPlanet for gear, etc.


What do you think is the future of esports in India ?


We are going to one of the biggest markets in the next 10 years but we are far away from it, we need to build a robust ecosystem and I hope the likes of Nodwin gaming and other publishers see the potential and build this for us.


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