Doha’s 2030 Asian Games bid committee unveils logo and campaign slogan

The President of Qatar Olympic Committee and the Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee, H.E Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al-Thani in a video has unveiled the engaging and dynamic logo and campaign slogan “Your Gateway” that represents the joint legacy of Asia and Qatar.

The logo is designed to showcase a blend of Qatar’s tradition, heritage and modernity.

Doha 2030 President H.E Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al-Thani said, “Our bid is born out of our strong belief that sport has the power to drive social change and foster peace and understanding.”

Talking about the bid, H.E Jassim Rashid Al-Buenain, CEO of Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee said “We are confident that we offer the Olympic Council of Asia and its members certainty because all of the permanent venues we need to host the 2030 Asian Games are already built.”

Adding on, Sheikha Asma Al-Thani, Head of Marketing and Communications of Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee said, “Doha 2030 will be a festival of our continent’s rich and vibrant cultures and a commemoration of our unity through sport. The games will build on and champion the significant advancement that has been made in Qatar in promoting gender equality. It will also be games that welcome and respects people of all genders, races and cultures.”

The Doha 2030 Asian Games will be a celebration of Asia’s varied and vibrant cultures. The video mentions that the Doha 2030 Asian Games will be an excellent, risk-free and sustainable games and these games will be a national priority for Qatar.

The Doha 2030 Asian Games Bid Committee truly believes that the Doha 2020 Asian Games would be your gateway to a brighter future for Asian sport, a future that meets the needs and priorities of the Asian NOC’s.


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