World Bowling partners YBVR to deliver Next Generation Virtual Reality and XR User Interface

World Bowling and YBVR, the Silicon Valley immersive technology company, have signed a three-year partnership that will allow millions of fans to experience bowling like never before.

YBVR, who has showcased its VR live streaming technology in top sports events like The Australian Open, will work with bowling’s international governing body to deliver the next generation of immersive technology in a multidevice strategy. “We are very excited with this opportunity to take the world of bowling to the next level, and attract new audiences around the world,” said Hector Prieto, YBVR CEO.

The partnership will create immersive experiences for bowling fans, bringing a new degree of engagement through virtual reality and interactive features. Together, World Bowling and YBVR will work to deliver new content and engage fans with a variety of Apps, software, and innovative solutions that allow for a personalized experience for every user.

YBVR technology deploys 8K VR quality streaming and instant camera change in its broadcastings, allowing viewers to catch every second of the action from multiple points of view. Athletes, Coaches and fans will experience a 360 degree vision of the action, along integrated social and interactive capabilities that will connect them in ways until now impossible.

“YBVR is an essential piece of the jigsaw in our “Bowling Evolved” strategy, providing multiple ways for our athletes and fans to experience, consume and engage with our elite, para bowling and academy content,” said Chris Neilson, Innovation & Business Development Director, World Bowling.

Under the agreement, World Bowling and YBVR will develop a new future for VR coaching and education with further enhancements and integration into the global application for gamification and tournament data tracking.

Neilson continues: “Users will be able to consume content via a multi-cam mobile experience in 2D, 180 and 360 with supportive features, real-time statistics and scoreboards for the complete XR experience”.

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