The Consulting & Strategy Club of IIM Lucknow to discuss sports at “Strategist”

The Consulting & Strategy Club of IIM Lucknow is back with its annual strategy event “Strategist” in association with the Department of Sports, Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Badminton Academy. 


They invite young professionals in this challenging case competition where sports meet strategic management. 


Sports imbibes in us some life-changing skills such as strategic thinking, critical evaluation of self and opponent, fosters team-building spirit, brings about a sense of unity, enables us to face challenges and develops a positive mindset. 


The U.P. government realises this positive impact of sports in our lives and is investing in building the sports infrastructure to enable the youth in pursuing their passion. Relentless efforts are being made in development and training of the youth to produce outstanding sportspersons from Uttar Pradesh. 


The U.P. Badminton Association has invested in one such academy which provides holistic infrastructure keeping in mind the 360° needs of its players including several courts, gym, rehabilitation, running track and swimming pool to keep fitness and training in check. The academy aims to produce world champions of the future and is investing in esteemed coaches and physiotherapists as well. 


The management in sports is however one unexplored field, and more often than not, the unsung heroes who managed, assimilated it all together and provided the best viewer-experience are less appreciated. 


This event is being organised to put these folks on the limelight and unearth their vast potential through a range of strategy challenges. 

With the culmination of sports and management, they invite both the enthusiasts to bring forth your game plan, split-second decision-making and on-the-go strategy implementation. 

Join them in this exciting event to test your niche in the sports strategy and showcase your skills in the sports management domain.

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