San Francisco Giants add Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud Point of Sale to their roster

San Francisco Giants have added Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud Point of Sale (POS) to their roster.


The POS technology will make it easy for fans to order the park’s legendary food and beverage options at concession stands or from their mobile devices, giving them more time to enjoy the game.


Behind the scenes, built-in restaurant business analytics and real-time data access will help Oracle Park improve inventory management to best serve guests while reducing food waste. The team has also moved its disaster recovery system for high-priority data, files and video to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from AWS.


“From the delicious Crazy Crab Sandwich to our signature Gilroy Garlic Fries, Oracle Park is well-known for its world-class food and beverage program,” said Bill Schlough, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, San Francisco Giants. “Oracle will help us make it faster and easier than ever for fans to enjoy our unique offerings while boosting our operational efficiency, better managing inventory, and reducing costs.”


Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Simphony will provide the venue with the fast insights it needs to make informed decisions based on what is happening across inventory, pricing, and promotions. For example, if a popular promotion leads to an out-of-stock item, it will automatically be reflected on the park’s digital menu boards and mobile devices. Conversely, ballpark staff can also see if there is a surplus of a certain food and decide to run a new promotion to accelerate sales.


Additionally, to increase reliability and reduce costs, the Giants migrated their disaster recovery solution for important files and data, including their essential video environment, from AWS to OCI. The Giants’ 200 terabytes of video is a critical piece of the team’s winning formula and is used to measure player performance, to enhance training programs, and to evaluate players for scouting purposes. The Giants also use the video for in-park entertainment to ensure fans have the best possible experience at Oracle Park.


With the Oracle restaurant POS at its foundation, Oracle Park will be able to quickly adapt to any concession related situation that comes its way. For example, ballpark staff can easily integrate and alter loyalty, promotion, and concession services through Simphony to adapt how it engages with fans before, during, and after the game. In future seasons, Oracle Park will implement self-service kiosks and grab-and-go checkout locations to add more convenience and choice for park-goers.


“Maintaining agility in the face of tumultuous market conditions and ever-evolving fan expectations is essential for ballpark operators,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Food and Beverage. “Oracle’s transaction platform, MICROS Simphony Cloud, helps venues serve fans faster, arms staff with intuitive tech, and automates business operations. With it, Oracle Park can help ensure its fan experience and business performance continues to be one of Major League Baseball’s best.”

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