Manchester United to unveil five entertainment centres across China

Manchester United in partnership with Harves Entertainment, has unveiled the name of its new entertainment centres, with the first Theatre of Dreams nearing completion in Beijing.

The attraction, located near Tiananmen Square, will be called Theatre of Dreams. It will be the first of five Theatre of Dreams to be built across China, including Shanghai, Shenyang and Changsha.

In addition, the Theatre of Dreams will feature two more elements from its counterpart in Manchester: a club shop and a branded restaurant.

“Theatre of Dreams is an entirely new sports entertainment experience. It is our home away from home,” Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold said. “Sir Bobby Charlton famously described our Old Trafford stadium as ‘the theatre of dreams’, and now we are able to bring that dream alive for our Chinese fans.

“This represents a strengthening of our long-standing commitment to China and a deepening of our relationship with Manchester United fans across the country. Our guests will discover new, exciting, fun, and inspiring ways to engage with the club and one another.”

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