Mercedes-Benz EQ names NEOM as principal partner

NEOM Company (NEOM) and Mercedes-Benz Formula E Limited have signed a long-term agreement whereby NEOM will be a Mercedes EG team partner for Formula E.

The alliance begins with a multi-season relationship with the Mercedes-Benz EQ team for Formula E with NEOM as the new lead partner. It offers opportunities for knowledge transfer and education and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The development of young race drivers is also a key element.

The alliance will offer transfers and development opportunities for select Saudi nationals, who work closely with the racing team and also qualify as engineers and software developers.

NEOM will also be the main and founding partner for the Mercedes-Benz EQ FE Pilot Development Program, which will begin in early 2021, for talented young drivers. The goal is to discover and bring young talent that could happen to Formula E within a few years.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, said: “We are delighted to partner with the Mercedes-Benz EQ team for Formula E. We are always open to developing alliances in which innovation is seen as the key to creating a sustainable future We encourage everyone to think of NEOM as a life laboratory where they can experiment and develop new technologies in collaboration with us and others We are delighted to work with the Mercedes-Benz Formula E team EQ. ”

Toto Wolff , director of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, added: “We consider our involvement in motor racing as critical to lead innovation and we hope to develop this collaboration with our new partner, NEOM. With our involvement in Formula E, we are committed to raising the profile of future mobility and we are moving towards the development of sustainable innovations, both in terms of technology and also the advice of young talents that will make an important contribution in this regard. ”

Jan Paterson , managing director of Sport at NEOM, said: “We have been highly impressed with the culture and values ​​of the team during our negotiations. This is an important partnership that offers extensive collaboration between the Formula E team of Mercedes-Benz EQ and NEOM within the global sports landscape. In the short term, we are delighted to support the team in the coming seasons and we look forward to celebrating our first NEOM race. ”

Team leader of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E team, Ian James , said: “Formula E is more than just an exciting form of motoring. Within a very short period of five years, the all-electric racing series it will have established itself as a pioneer of technological innovation, sustainability and electric mobility, all of them fundamental issues for our future. We are looking forward to exploring these new opportunities with NEOM in the coming years. “

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